Less genes, more answers. This is how minimal genomes can help us understand life and boost biotechnology.

Humans, like computers, are programmed. Our lifeblood is encoded in our DNA, a long helix of nucleic acids that contains our instructions. Combinations of four letters (A, C, G, and T) that give rise not only to us but to all the different organisms with one thing in common: life. Great progress has been made [...]

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October Top10 BactToTheFuture stories

The Halloween decorations disappeared and the Christmas ornaments start conquering the cities. We know, October just flew by! But we don’t want you to miss any of these SynBio stories from BactToTheFuture, here is our monthly selection: 1.Natural, non-toxic and recyclable. #Bacterial ink to write, print or dye! If you are looking for a sustainable [...]

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