Moving forward with Rafts4Biotech

Last week the R4B team met in Brussels for the second Review Meeting. It has been 36 months of hard work, some obstacles, lots of results and great progress that we got to share with EC Officer Carmen de Vicente and the expert Michael Desvaux.  After this very fruitful meeting we are ready to dive [...]

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December Top10 BactToTheFuture stories

1. All for one and one for all! ⚔ Some #bacteria can resist #antibiotics by acting as if they were just one organism! 🦠 Antibiotic resistant bacteria are one of the major health threats of our times. Among the most dangerous ones, Pseudomonas aeruginosa stands out. These microbes are particularly dangerous for people enduring [...]

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Microorganisms for a better world: synthetic biology and sustainable development

Climate change. Loss of biodiversity in both land and the oceans. Inequality and poverty. There are many global challenges that humankind must face in order to bring peace and welfare to everyone. With this in mind, the United Nations adopted in 2015 the Agenda for Sustainable Development, a global blueprint towards a better life for [...]

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