October Top10 BactToTheFuture stories

1. Punk is not dead — it just turned eco-friendly! Scientists have developed a new leather fabric with no plastics or animals involved, only #fungi! 🕶️🍄  Until now, we´ve had two ways to make a leather jacket: One involves using animal tissue, which consumes energy, produces waste and involves animal suffering [...]

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Microbial biofactories: the miniature workhorses of modern industry

From their first uses in the fermentation of alcoholic drinks almost 10000 years ago, to their current role in yielding a wide range of compounds such as drugs, soaps and food, microbes are changing the industry for good   These tiny organisms, along with the efforts of synbio scientists and years of research, are quickly becoming [...]

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September Top10 BactToTheFuture stories

1. #DNA à la carte! 🧬🍽️ That’s the goal of these scientists from @DNAScript and their ambitious project to create a DNA-printer!  When scientists need specific DNA for their research, they usually have to order it from a company specialised in DNA manufacture. This happens because tailored DNA is expensive and [...]

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