Lifelong learning is our mindset and thus, at Rafts4Biotech we are organising our first training activity this September 18th &19th . Our R4B Symposium will take place in Madrid and will have Lipid Membrane Eukaryotic & Prokaryotic Biology Symposium as a central topic, as membranes play a key role in our project.

This symposium will bring together some of the most relevant researchers in lipid biochemistry and bacterial membrane organization together with R4B partners and young researchers to discuss their contribution to the field and the progress in membrane biology in past years. This event also aims to provide a space with which current and future challenges in membrane biology can be debated.

The R4B Symposium will include sessions on lipid systems biology, membrane antibiotics and membrane lipid organization. Additionally, through short talks, e-poster presentations and roundtables, participants will have the chance to learn all about lipid microbiology and engage in great scientific discussion.

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