BactToTheFuture stories keep blooming this spring! From a microbe-museum in Amsterdam to the latest synbio innovations and biotech news. Check out April’s Top10!

1. #Synbio has amazing #biotech applications but it also fosters basic research as it helps us understanding life!
SynBio is widely perceived as an applied scientific field as it has a great potential to revolutionise manufacturing and has catapulted start-ups worldwide to the top of the biotech ranking. But the products are not the main goal of this discipline, but rather a very positive side effect of its main purpose, being able of understanding and designing life in a standardise and predictable way. Read more >

2. Want to bring your #synbio ideas into live? Then join the #BiomakeChallenge from @JohnInnesCentre, receive your biomarker toolkit and get started!
If you are a creative mind and still have no plans for this summer check this out! The John Innes Centre recently launched this DIY Biology challenge where participants are asked to present their innovative ideas.Bio sensors, low cost instruments.. whatever you can think about. Get your biomarker kit and join this challenge!
Read more >

3. Hoppy & tasty beer without hops! Magic? #Biotech! Engineered yeasts are brewing a new generation of beers!
Water, malted barley, yeast and hops for the flavor! That’s the short list of ingredients of beer that is about to get even shorter! Hops are expensive and variable from season to season so now researcher have come up with a synbio solution to overcome this limitation. Engineering yeast to synthesize all these bitter hoppy flavours, brewers won’t need to add the hops anymore and will be able to obtain all the flavor from these fermenting microbes. Read more >

4. #Microbes conquer Amsterdam with this fascinating museum! by @Labiotech_eu
We love microbes, but we know that many people are a little scared of them. If you are one of them, we hope you change your mind after visiting this museum in Amsterdam. Learn about the most amazing features of microorganisms, the role they play in our bodies, their biotech application and the craziest facts about these tiny creatures. Read more >

5. Even at @McKinsey they are thrilled by the great potential of #SynBio! Check out their report!
Investors worldwide are investing their funds in #SynBio. If you wanna know all the details about the business opportunities of this field, check out this report from the consulting experts of McKinsey! Read more >

6. Good news for investors and researchers! #Synbio companies have raised in over $650 million in 2018!
And if you still had some doubt about the strength of the Synbio market check out these figures! It looks like there is a lot of expectation and good ideas out there, another record-breaking year for synthetic biology! Read more >

7. Forget about CDs and USB sticks #DNA becomes the ultimate storage device for your favorite songs. You just need $100,000
What sounded like science fiction not that long ago is becoming a reality, thanks to the falling price of DNA synthesis. Twist Bioscience saw here a business opportunity and is todate the world biggest supplier of manufactured DNA. Although these “genetic-memory sticks” are still are very exclusive product, they may become a real alternative to store information if the prices keep falling. Read more >

8. Powered by @biorealize , @PUMA & @MITDesignLab join forces to use #microbes and design smart biomaterials that could improve the performance of the athletes! Here is how!
A breathing shoe, a deep learning insole, carbon eaters and adaptive packaging are the amazing biodesigns recently exhibited in the Milan Design Week 2018 Milan by Biorealize, MIT Design Lab and PUMA. A partnership that aims at revolutionising the future of athletic footwear, apparel and wearables and improve the performance of the athletes. Read more >

9. Dear #microbes, we can’t live without you
Literally. These microorganisms make up more than 50% of the cells in our body. Over our skin, in our gut.. they are essential for our health and alterations in their populations can affect our mood and lead to diseases such as parkinson or inflammatory diseases. So take good care of your microbiome! Read more >

10. You still don’t know what #iGEM is? The team @igem_ionis explains it with this animation! #SynBio at its best!
The 2018 edition of the world largest genetic engineering competition is getting closer! The registration just recently closed and the teams keep working to present their SynBio project in Boston later this year! Stay tuned and follow their progress! Read more>