It’s December already ! We start the countdown of 2017 with this selection of BactToTheFuture SynBio stories, enjoy!


  1. From the lab to your plate: the #synbio recipe of your dinner

The race for faux meat production continues and SynBio doesn’t stay behind! It is not only a more sustainable, but also vegan alternative for those that don’t want to give up meat. Here is the science behind lab-grown meat! Read More>


  1. Learn. Create. Grow. Take a class and start working on this open lab! #SynBio in your own hands by @genspacenyc!

Who said science is just for scientists? At this open lab in New York anyone can learn about #SynBio and explore the potential of this field!  Read More>


  1. If you want to learn about #SynBio the #BioBuilder is there for you! @SystemsSally  & @SynBioBeta

Here is another great initiative to make science more accessible. Like the GenSpace, this BioBuilder aims to make #SynBio available for everyone through workshops, courses and a learning lab. Check out their programme and discover what’s in there for you! Read more >


  1. International #Biotechs met in Berlin for #BioEurope 2017!

If you have a biotech or are thinking about starting up in life sciences you should keep track of these events, the biggest conferences for biotechs in Europe! After this year’s success in Berlin, start getting ready for 2018 Read More>


  1. Thousands of students are gathering in Boston for the biggest #SynBio competition! @iGEM  #GiantJamboree

Genetic engineering at it’s finest! From detecting pathogens to clearing pollutants, the possibilities are endless and these international students want to explore them all! Like every year, their projects are presented at the IGEM Giant Jamboree,  the world’s biggest #SynBio competition! Read More>


  1. This is how you turn #bacteria into super glue! #SynBio

Bacteria can be engineered to make pretty much anything. And this time, researchers from Berlin have managed to modify E. coli to produce a very strong and water resistant adhesive, like the one naturally produced by mussels. Will bacteria-superglue be soon available at hardware stores? Read More>


  1. Fighting super bacteria with engineered microbes: cut out resistance genes with #CRISPR & #SynBio

Antibiotic resistance is an increasing threat for public health and finding new alternatives to fight resistant bugs is a priority for many researchers worldwide. The French startup Eligo Bioscience is applying a synthetic biology approach to combat super bacteria using CRISPR to target resistance genes. Read More>


  1. Everyone keeps talking about #SynBio, discover what’s in there for you! By @SynbiCITE

Synthetic Biology has so much to offer, and we can all benefit from it! New drugs, new materials, new products… Experts from SynbiCITE tell you all about it in this short video! Watch video >


  1. Are you starting up in #SynBio? Check out the funding programmes of @rebelbio! Accelerating science!

Bringing your ideas from the lab to the market can be very challenging and at RebelBio they are very aware of it! That’s why they want to support biotech startups with lab space, seed funding and mentorship. So far more than 40 companies have been accelerated and the applications for next years programme just closed! Stay tuned to meet the companies of the future!  Read More >


  1. #Bacteria are awesome! They can do anything! Even serve as tiny recorders thanks to #SynBio

If producing all kind of compounds wasn’t enough, now bacteria can even serve as miniature recorders. The same way that your favourite songs were recorded with a pattern of marks in a magnetic tape, bacteria can now store information about the chemical changes of the environment in their CRISPR tapes. This way they will serve as living recording devices and  help diagnosing diseases or monitoring the environment! Read More >